Insane! Expected! Opportunity of a Lifetime?

Covid-19 impact: We’ve known that such an outbreak was only a matter of time and yet we’re surprised when it occurs and then deny it while it’s happening. The funny and sad part is that the deniers are missing the greatest personal investment opportunity of not only their lifetimes but perhaps most of their ancestors chances as well!

And if you don’t believe that THIS IS THE SINGLE GREATEST TIME since the creation of the Capitalistic system to maximize your abilities, you will be the one left behind when the greatest economy in the World takes off. Amassing serious capital assets is far easier if planned & carefully crafted and at no time in recent history have families been able to sit down together and design not only their future lives but those of their kids and grandchildren as well.

And I mean to sit down and dream the dream together; free-flow ideas between one another, dream big, nothing is impossible if you have time and/or money. Now there is a trick to it. You have to sit around the table, the fire place whatever small intimate family gathering space you usually anoint and write it down together. This step can NOT be over-stated and skipped! It is THE most important step. If you DON’T write it down, there are plenty of studies to show, you will already give your plan an 80+% chance of FAILURE. (And I’m being conservative with that number!)

Each person gets their own dream sheet for the exercise and then you get to hash out the best direction to get to the most enjoyable, enrichening experience of your lives. You need to have a 6-month, 1-year, 5-yr, 10-yr and 20-yr goal. Don’t believe me? Look at the term “Family Office” and you’ll begin to see how the ultra-wealthy in our country begin to pass their assets (financial capital) and knowledge down to their heirs. (see attached pic.) We’ll be customizing the concept to our needs and assets (time & money) but the overall approach is exactly the same. Conceptually, the work is already done for you.

And now the fun part begins! Take every block and change the wording inside the boxes to subjects to that such as: education, vacation, occupation, etc. and fill every one with a hope and a dream and match your current skills and situation to as many of those items you want and begin the process of realigning your life and goals to that new destination. If you do this together AND write it down and promise yourselves that you’ll move just one single solitary percent a day toward improvement, at the end of the year you won’t be at 365% percent improvement but you’ll be at an exponentially greater number than that. Eventually, you’ll be focused like a laser beam on that path and your family as a whole working toward the same goals will again produce results faster and greater than those you thought possible.

While you may not have money flowing from every orifice you likely have the greatest amount of the most important asset that we’ve all been blessed, time. And you’re so damn rich you are tearing at the seams of your mind to chase something that you’ve been told and believed is important but are now finding out that it was someone else’s dream and its become your nightmare. Trust me, I’ve seen people squander opportunities from both ends of the spectrum. Now is your Golden Opportunity to come out of this situation with more than a trick you picked up watching videos on YouTube.

Don’t worry nay-sayers, the new economy will still be a capitalist’s wet dream in the future. Capital and Cash will still be KING and the ability to recall additional buying power through the proper use of credit will certainly keep those at the top very much in control but the playing field and it’s curve is flattening out at the fastest rate and its straightest decline since the last Global plague.

Yes, the economy is incredibly resilient and rich people will still figure out ways to exploit you/the masses and the environment in the future so relax and pick up learning something new because the old economy is gone until a vaccine is proven effective. And, hopefully the economy doesn’t roll over you on its way back. The cards will still be stacked against 97% of us because we will still have no ability to amass the kind of wealth that only a certain select few experience and can whether just about any storm except one of non-participation.

But you know what they are also good at exploiting? Time. They run a tight ship. They plan and schedule the work and work the schedule because they believe that will bring the economies of scale to exploit their time and therefore skew the results in their favor. And from that, they get the results that create exponential growth for themselves, their families and their companies. During this process they surround themselves with people who are bright, punctual and just overall decent to be around because they value consistency and predictability. They like these traits in situations and in people because it adds more focusing on their dreams, help them make money while they sleep and then they get to enjoy the game of thinking and planning and they value that above all else. And that’s what you have to become good at.

Just look at how those in control now, the Elon Musk’s, Jeff Bezo’s and Walton’s of the World are feverishly working to figure out how to best manipulate this economy and the virus to their advantage. They have accumulated massive amounts of financial and political capital and will continue to at an exponential rate; while most of us toil away and “fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way”. [1]

And No, I’m still not trying to sell you something; I’m giving it away for free to anyone who wants to listen. (Well, read anyway. Listening may be offered soon, lol.)

Seriously though, the single greatest thing you can do now, for you and your family, is to take this time and whatever energy you can muster outside your normal obligations and invest that into something that will give you the same type of exponential growth as a person that sits atop the food chain. Why you ask? Because most of us will never amass the type of financial and political capital we desire by chasing our tail around for 60 hours a week and still not gain anything and in a lot of cases we feel in worse shape than when we began. (Even money and its purchasing power erodes over time.)

And, the personal enrichment of you and your family as you begin to “design” a life for the next 5, 10, 50 yrs has never been easier. They playing field for the economy has been leveled for you by creating an environment in which you can now compete with almost anyone! I’m disabled and over the last 10 years I’ve personally found out what happens when you are now competing against those who are half your age, with similar credentials or “pedigree” and no physical disabilities all while having more energy, more opportunity and they do it for a lot less. Well now the virus has all but wiped out those inequities and can now allow us to compete better and produce even more.

As we scramble for what opportunities are left due to the virus the younger and/or more spoiled of the generations are too focused on what they perceived they had but hadn’t even earned. They can’t understand why this is happening or who to blame for it happening and are therefore missing the “Opportunity of a Lifetime” or of generations to come.

Don’t let this opportunity pass; position yourself and your family for the future and design your future self.

Bill Hazel

[1] [The]Pink Floyd

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