New Colorado Covid-19 modeling information with charts & slides from the expert panel – see attached for more information. (Details are inside underlined hyper-links in Press Release)

The reading is not for the faint of heart and may require to be read multiple times with referring back to earlier slides to fully comprehend/digest the information.

From what we could interpret, it would appear that the current idea of “opening the country up” without the strongest possible restrictions and thereby “relaxing Social Distancing requirements” may exceed Colorado’s hospitalization and ICU capacity by mid to late July, 2020. If you look at historical participation rates of Social Distancing we would be extremely lucky to get 100% participation even at the 65% level.

This is not the time to question if science and math work because we’ve been here before in the year 1918 with the “Spanish Flu” pandemic. There are several studies that have been conducted throughout the US that show a MASSIVE second wave brought about by the same demand to relax Social Distancing requirements. (See Denver & Philadelphia circa 1918-1919)

In conclusion, during the long run I’ve seen the stock market deliver unbelievably positive growth but in the short term I’ve seen people make horrendous decisions that have had a catastrophic impact on their families.

So when Governor Polis says “now is the time for calculated risks” just ask yourself if you and your family will be ready to meet that “margin call” when that demand to pay is made.



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