Longmont City Council Members break fiduciary duties and are now under investigation by the Boulder County Prosecutor.

I don’t usually share from other local sources of news because I believe its everyone’s job to attempt to be unique and not duplicate effort in providing information to our community.

However, in this case Ms. Peck has been given free time through the Longmont Observer as a part of a cozy relationship they have with members of the City staff.

Ms. Peck and Ms. Christenson CLEARLY abused their power and position on City council by attempting to intimidate a local provider of charitable services.

And now it appears that between them and the Longmont Observer, the residents of Longmont are being asked to over look their indiscretion while Op-Ed (Opinions submitted by someone other than the media’s normal editorial or reporting staff) are being reported to make the Our Center look badly in an attempt to bolster their story. (We can find individual cases on both sides of the issues if we try hard enough but the fact is that not what’s going on here.)

The Our Center provides critical support to the City of Longmont and a politician’s pet projects should not interfere in any way with an independent charitable organization that is legally applying to further assist the community.

Both members of City Council should accept responsibility for their actions and RESIGN.

We as tax payers should also not have to foot the bill to pay for their defense if they are prosecuted. (Which is not be decision but that of the Boulder County Prosecutor.) The residents of Longmont deserve to have Council members who are free of conflicts of interest and who are completely focused on the City’s tasks at hand and this is not possible at this moment while they are under investigation.

They have a fiduciary duty to the City and its residents and they have failed to hold themselves above and beyond any impropriety.

Again both Council members should RESIGN AND SAVE THE TAXPAYERS MONEY on having to defend them against clear violations of their Fiduciary duties.

Thanks for your time.

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Bill Hazel

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